What is a baby shower?

Baby Shower

Baby showers are parties designed to celebrate the imminent arrival of a new baby. They’re the perfect opportunity to deliver baby gifts and best wishes to expectant parents. Traditionally, baby showers are thrown by the family and friends of the mum-to-be who is the guest of honour, but in recent years it has become increasingly popular for both parents to attend. Let’s take a look at what to expect at a baby shower and what to bring with you.

What to expect at a baby shower

Baby showers usually take place around 4 to 6 weeks before the baby’s due date. This can give parents the opportunity to make specific gift requests for items they still need to stock up on before the baby arrives. It’s also late enough along in the pregnancy for the expectant parents to know the baby’s gender – if they choose to – so that guests can pick out appropriate gifts. However, sometimes people use baby showers as an opportunity to reveal the gender of their baby which adds an extra celebratory element.

Traditionally in Victorian England, baby showers occurred in the form of tea parties, and this remains a popular theme for modern showers. You can expect there to be some food, some pretty decorations, and sometimes favours for the guests. Many baby showers involve fun games and activities, and these are a great way for guests to get to know one another if they haven’t previously met. However, the primary goal of a baby shower is to ‘shower’ the parents with gifts in readiness for their new arrival.

Maternity and new baby gift ideas for baby showers

Sometimes parents have gift registries that list specific items that they need before the baby arrives. If there isn’t a registry and you’re unsure what the parents would like, it’s a good idea to opt for handy essentials such as nappies, clothes and muslin cloths. It may not seem particularly glamorous to gift these basics, but many new parents are grateful to have plenty of these items on hand when the baby arrives. To make the items feel more special, consider buying them in the form of a baby bouquet in which they’ll be rolled up like blooms and beautifully presented in a reusable wicker basket alongside pretty silk flowers and additional accessories, such as cute teddy bears and booties.

Baby showers are a great opportunity to celebrate not only the new baby but the mother who is set to give birth. Maternity gifts will show your love and appreciation for the fantastic mum-to-be. Bath and body products, like hand cream, lip balm and bubble bath, will go down a treat. Look out for pampering baby bouquets which include both essentials for baby and luxurious treats for mum.

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