What is the best gift for a newborn baby?

What is the best gift for a newborn baby? - picture of a newborn baby.

Welcoming a new baby into the world is always a special occasion, but it can be tricky to find what is the best gift for a newborn baby?. Newborn baby gifts ought to be practical yet thoughtful, and useful yet beautiful. So what makes the best gift for a new baby or a baby shower? Let’s take a look.


Baby clothes

A newborn can never have too many clothes and it’s always sensible to go with the essentials that will get plenty of use. Bodysuits, sleepsuits, socks and hats all make for brilliant baby gifts. Pyjamas for when the baby gets a little older, around 3 to 6 months, are also incredibly useful. In fact, it can be a great idea to give clothes in a range of sizes so that parents always have garments to hand when their new baby is growing at a rate of knots!

Although clothing is very much a practical choice of gift, it’s also a great idea to buy garments that are extra special and set to be treasured for life. Knitted booties are a great example of this. The newborn baby will quickly grow out of these little booties, but parents will love to look at them for years to come and remember how tiny their kiddo once was. Special items like this hold lots of sentimental value and many people love the idea of giving a gift that will be treasured for decades.

Muslin cloths

One of the most simple and yet most important items that new parents need are muslins. These small square cloths have a whole host of handy uses. They’re most commonly used to gently wipe away milk and sick from a baby’s mouth when feeding. They’re also often draped over the shoulder to protect clothes when burping the baby. They can serve as bibs, as light blankets for swaddling, and as sunshades over a pram, Moses basket or car window. They can offer some coverage and privacy when breastfeeding in public places. Many babies also love the texture of muslins and can be soothed by rubbing one of the cloths on their cheek as a comforter.

As for how many muslins new parents need, the sky’s the limit! Muslins get grubby quickly and need to be washed often, and it’s always useful to have plenty of spares on hand. You’ll never disappoint by gifting muslins, particularly if they’re arranged in a beautiful gift box or bouquet to make them look extra special.

Bathtime-baby-bouquets nappy cake with baby products


As with muslins, new parents can never have enough nappies! Newborns go through four to six nappies on average each day, so the more that parents have on hand when baby arrives, the easier their lives will be. Nappies may not be the most glamorous gift for a baby shower, but don’t let that stop you!

To make them look special, consider gifting a nappy cake. These are beautiful arrangements of rolled nappies wrapped up with ribbons and adorned with beautiful silk flowers. They also come with additional extras like bibs, hats, cosmetics for baby or mum, teddy bears and chocolates. Nappies have never looked so glamorous!

Teddy bears

Every new baby deserves a new teddy bear. There’s something incredibly special about gifting a teddy that might become the little one’s lifelong companion. Babies, toddlers and kids alike love the comforting softness of a cosy teddy, so when you give a teddy to a new baby, you can be confident it is set to be used for years to come.

Teddy bears make great additions to gift baskets. Many of our baby bouquets include teddies along with clothes, muslins and various other bits and pieces that both baby and parents will love.

Superior Pampering Bouquet Pink

Pamper products

Pregnancy, labour, and raising a newborn are no easy tasks! New mums deserve some pampering, so consider giving the gift of luxurious cosmetics and beauty treatments. Hand cream, lip balm, bubble bath, scented soap, moisturiser… the list goes on! All of these bath and body products will be much appreciated by a tired new parent or a mum-to-be in the final stages of labour at her baby shower.

Pamper products let new mums know that you’re celebrating them as much as their new baby. They’re a great reminder too that mums should take care of themselves as much as their new arrival. It can be hard for new parents to find time for themselves, but bath and body treats allow them to enjoy a little bit of pampering at home whenever they get the chance. Be sure to check out our range of pampering bouquets which are filled up with these luxurious treats.

Ultimate Plus Pampering Blue - Baby Clothing Bouquet

A bit of all sorts with a baby bouquet

If you’re feeling spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a gift for a new baby, consider getting a little bit of everything! Our baby bouquets and gift boxes make for fantastic baby gifts because you can cover all bases with a single beautifully decorated basket.

Baby bouquets contain a variety of clothing items individually rolled up to resemble flowers. These are surrounded by silk flowers and foliage and are arranged in a pretty basket that can be reused and repurposed. Additional extras like bath and body products, nappies, teddies are carefully placed amongst the bouquet. The result is a gorgeous gift basket that is as special as the new baby you’re welcoming into the world.

We also have a variety of gift boxes and nappy cakes available, both of which used our “rolled like flowers” design to present high-quality baby clothes and muslin cloths. Check out our full range of products now and find the best gift for the special new arrival in your life.