Corporate Gifting

Looking for bespoke corporate baby gift ideas for employees set to take parental leave? Consider our range of beautiful and practical baby gifts which we can tailor to your unique brand.

Make staff feel valued

Retaining employees and keeping them engaged in their work is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. It takes time and resources to train new employees so it’s important to minimise staff turnover. Employees are more likely to be loyal, hardworking and focused when they feel valued by their employer. Investing in staff benefits and personalised corporate gifting can allow you to show your appreciation for your employees and optimise staff retention rates.

When it comes to a member of staff taking maternity or paternity leave, a corporate gift can go a long way in showing that you support them and their growing family. A generous baby gift shows that you appreciate their need for time off work and that you’ll be ready to welcome them back once they’ve welcomed their new baby into the world. The Human Resources Executive have a very interesting article on improving employee engagement – read more

Custom branded baby gifts

Here at Baby Bouquets, we work with businesses to help them build their own  bespoke corporate baby gifts to support their corporate gifting efforts. Our gift boxes and bouquets contain a range of high quality and practical items that will be much appreciated by expecting parents, such as 100% cotton clothing, muslins, nappies, blankets, and bibs. They’re made here in England and beautifully decorated and presented to demonstrate the care and gratitude you have for your employees.

We can tailor a unique bouquet or gift box to suit your preferences and budget, and we can include your corporate branding. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and work closely with our corporate clients to build the optimum gift or collection of gifts.

Get in touch to learn more

If you’d like to learn more about our bespoke corporate baby gifts or the baby gift products we have to choose from, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let us know what your requirements are and let’s work together to create beautiful gifts that show your employees just how grateful you are for their hard work and dedication.

Are business gifts tax deductible?

Our baby bouquets make popular corporate gifts for businesses who want to congratulate staff or clients on the arrival of a new baby. However, the legislation around business gifts and tax deduction is complex and can be confusing. In some instances, business gifts can be deducted against profits provided that certain conditions are met. Read our blog – Are business gifts tax deductible?