The best gifts for twins

The best gifts for twins - image of a cute set of newborn twins

It can be hard enough trying to find the right gift for one new baby, let alone two. So, when you’re buying for twins, a bit more thought and consideration is required to find something special.

The good news is that there are plenty of inspiring and thoughtful baby gifts for twins, which will delight both parents and their little ones. Here are some great ideas below to get you started.

Personalised storybook

Storybooks personalised for an individual have become increasingly popular in recent years as a gift idea for babies, but you don’t need to buy two separate books as a gift for twins. There are special storybooks available to buy that can be personalised in lots of different ways to detail the lives and adventures of both twins, in one single book.

As well as providing details in the book about the twins, including their important milestones and events, personalised books come with super cute illustrations that little ones and their families will adore looking at. This makes for a lovely keepsake for both babies and their parents, as it can be treasured for years to come and looked back on with fond nostalgia.

Twins milestone blankets

Milestone blankets are a brilliant gift idea for twins and are sure to go down well with any recipient. What makes them such a winning choice is that baby blankets always come in handy, and are very practical. Having a larger blanket specially designed for twins means you’ve got more space for the two little ones to sit, roll around and play together.

Made from super-soft materials, twin milestone blankets are also gorgeous to look at, as they come with cute illustrations and designs, and can be personalised with the names of the two babies on either side.

While blanket designs vary slightly in terms of different colours, styles and materials, most have the 12 months of the year illustrated in the middle of the blanket, so you can mark out specific dates, and then take keepsake photos to showcase the various stages of the twins’ growth.

Twin nursing pillow

A nursing pillow for twins is the kind of gift that any new mum of two babies will be especially grateful for. Not only will it be a godsend for making nursing the babies much easier, but the pillow can provide much-needed support so that the little ones are comfortable at all times, enabling the bond between mum and babies to be cemented. Twin nursing pillows can also be used to help support the babies as they sit and grow, and when they enjoy tummy time.

Twin nursing pillows come in a range of different supports as well as various colours, styles and sizes, so there are lots of lovely options to choose from. They’re perfect as a gift for when the twins are born or for expectant mums as a maternity present.

Twin handprint and footprint picture frame kits

Picture frame kits for keeping a photo of baby and a clay imprint of their handprints and footprints are always sought-after gifts, but there’s no need to buy two separate frames for someone who has twins or is expecting twins.

You can now purchase picture frame kits that are designed for twin babies so that both babies can have their photos, footprints and handprints included on the one picture frame. You can choose from different styles and designs of frame kits, as well as various sizes, making this a gift that will be treasured for years to come for any new parents and their twin babies.

Tree twinning gift card

For those who like to take an environmental approach when buying gifts, why not consider a gift card for tree twinning? This makes for a really special gift for twins, as planting two trees, such as one in this country and one overseas, symbolises the life and growth of two different sets of parallel lives. Recipients of a tree twinning gift card will also get to find out where the trees have been planted and when, as well as what type of species the trees are. This is a lovely, thoughtful gift for twins that they will be able to treasure for many years to come while knowing that they are contributing towards helping the environment.

Nappy cakes for twins

Who would have thought that the humble nappy could actually look so appealing and exquisite? Bring on the nappy cake!

Nappy cakes are beautifully presented bundles of cloth nappies that are designed just like a tiered cake – almost good enough to eat. There are various designs and styles that you can choose from, which include things like flowers, teddy bears, toiletries, keepsake books and chocolates within the bundle. Nappy cakes are the perfect gift idea for individual babies, but they are also ideal for twins, and they are especially useful if you’re looking for a unique present that also has lots of practical appeal.

Twins baby bouquets

If you’re looking for a really unique gift for twins, a baby bouquet will score top marks. At first glance, this charming gift looks like a bouquet of flowers, but it’s actually a beautifully arranged collection of baby grows, bibs, hats, socks, and silk flowers that cleverly represents an eye-catching floral display. Baby bouquets are available in a range of colours, whether you want to go for traditional pink or blue, or stick to neutrals such as white or yellow. As well as being the ideal gift for new parents of twins, a twin baby bouquet will make the perfect baby shower or maternity gift for expectant mums.

Baby bouquets for twins can also include a range of pamper gifts for mum. After all, bringing up two little ones at the same time can be tiring and hard work, so some soothing lotions and potions can be just the trick for helping to revive mum (or dad’s) flagging energy levels.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an expectant mother, shop our range of stunning baby bouquets today.