How often should I wash my baby clothes?

Baby Clothes on Hangers

How often should I wash my baby clothes?

Many new parents receive clothes as baby gifts, but they might be left wondering how often to wash them. In this quick blog, we’ll explain how often baby clothes should be washed and share some handy baby laundry tips.

Wash new baby clothes before they are worn

It is recommended to wash brand new baby clothes before putting your little one in them for the first time. This removes any impurities that could be irritating to their delicate skin. Although it’s unlikely that high quality baby clothes will be dirty, it’s possible that they could pick up a little dust on the journey between manufacturing and your home.

Change and wash baby clothes whenever they’re dirty

With leaking nappies, milk spills, vomit and spittle to contend with, baby clothes get dirty incredibly quickly. It’s not unusual for babies to need an outfit change during the day, and soiled clothes should go straight in the wash basket. If something doesn’t look visibly dirty at the end of the day, it might be okay for baby to wear it the next day too. However, keep in mind that drool might not leave marks on clothes but it could cause them to smell.

Check each garment individually

Most parents opt to put their little one into a fresh outfit every day, but it’s often a case of assessing the cleanliness of each garment individually. For example, if your little one is wearing a bodysuit with a pair of trousers over ver the top, the bodysuit might be ready for the wash basket at the end of the day, but the trousers might be fine to be worn again before washing.

Use a gentle laundry detergent

Baby clothes should be washed in a gentle detergent. Most regular laundry detergents contain irritating fragrances and other harsh ingredients that could cause baby’s delicate skin to react. Fragrance-free and non-bio detergents are best. Read the wash instructions on the label of each garment to check that it can go in the washing machine and to determine an appropriate temperature to prevent the clothing from shrinking or bobbling.

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