How to turn practical items into unique baby gifts

Unique Baby Gifts

Many soon-to-be and new parents are keen to receive practical baby gifts such as clothes, muslins and nappies from their friends and family. However, for those giving new baby gifts, it’s often preferable to find more unique presents to make the special occasion feel all the more monumental. Thankfully there are ways to make practical items more unique so that you can welcome a new baby into the world in style and give parents a helping hand. Here are three ideas for making practical gifts more unique.

1. Give a Baby Bouquet

Baby bouquets contain practical items like bodysuits, socks, bibs, hats and muslins which are carefully rolled up to resemble flowers. Silk flowers and leaves are interspersed for beautiful decoration and to add to the illusion of a blooming bouquet. With a wide range of colours to choose from it’s easy to personalise the gift to suit the family set to receive the bouquet. Plus, the recipients can display the bouquet in their home until baby arrives, or until the items are ready to be used if you opt for a bouquet with clothes suitable for babies over three months.

2. Write a letter for baby

A wonderful way to make a gift truly unique is to accompany it with a letter written for the new baby to read when they’re older. You could include anecdotes about their parents, snippets of life advice for them to carry into adulthood, or photographs to show them what their family looked like when they were a tiny baby. This is a brilliant way to personalise a gift and the best part is that the little one will get to enjoy it all over again when they’re old enough to read the letter. If you want to give something that will be treasured for years to come, a letter is a great choice.

3. Include something for mum

Giving clothes and accessories for baby is without a doubt useful, but it can be immensely helpful to gift something exclusively for mum too. Things like lip balm, bubble bath, hand cream and moisturiser can remind new mums to take care of themselves as they recover from labour and adjust to life with a newborn. We have luxurious pampering baby bouquets available that include both clothing items for baby and cosmetic items for mum so that you can celebrate both mother and baby with a single gift.

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