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Our boxed baby gifts contain selections of high-quality baby clothes and accessories, just like in our baby bouquets. The key difference is that the items are all presented in a chic, reusable box with a magnetic lid. The clothes we use are always 100% cotton and made in England to ensure exceptional quality. Plus, we include silk flowers and leaves in our baby gift boxes to add a touch of extra beauty and luxury. Let’s take a closer look inside each of our boxed baby gifts.


Our Harlech box is full to the brim with high-quality baby clothes and accessories. You’ll find two crisp white sleepsuits and one bodysuit, a knot hat, three pairs of socks, and a sweet pair of booties that are bound to be treasured long after the little one grows out of them. There’s also a pair of handy muslin squares because new parents can never have too many muslins! A white cellular blanket and a soft grey and white teddy bear are the cosy finishing touches for baby to snuggle up with.


The Tavistock box is designed to provide new parents with plenty of the essentials they’ll need during baby’s first few days. Inside the reusable box are two bodysuits, two sleepsuits, two pairs of socks, a hat, a bib and two muslin squares, all in shades of elegant white and grey. There’s also a pretty clip-on dummy chain that has been crocheted by hand, and a cosy cellular blanket. If you’re looking for a very practical gift that’s also beautifully presented, the Tavistock is the one.


Westerdale is filled with everything baby needs at bathtime, making it a practical gift that’s also a little out of the ordinary. We’ve included a bottle of renowned Johnsons Baby Bath that gently cleanses newborn skin, a soft hooded towel for drying off, and a bodysuit, hat and pair of booties to change baby into after bathing. There’s also a brush and comb set, a crocheted dummy chain, and a white comforter with soft satin edges to help baby feel soothed, calm and ready for bed. A warm fleece blanket and a cute teddy bear are the final baby gifts in this box to make it extra special.


If you’re looking for the ultimate box of baby gifts that contains both practical essentials and keepsakes to cherish for decades to come, the Torver box could be just what you’re looking for. It includes two bodysuits, a sleepsuit, a hat, bib and pair of knitted booties, and a handmade dummy chain. There’s also a sumptuously soft teddy bear for baby to cuddle with, and a luxury rose pile velour blanket that is super cosy and indulgent. The blanket feels wonderfully soft against baby’s skin and serves as a wonderful comforter that is likely to be treasured for years.

Eldernell luxury shawl

This beautiful baby shawl is crafted from super-fine wool and hand-finished to achieve a pristine scalloped edge. It feels wonderfully soft and cosy against baby’s skin, and its fine weave ensures the blanket feels lightweight and delicate. We present this shawl in a pristine white gift box that can be used for storage when the shawl is no longer in regular use. This is the type of gift that could be used for a special occasion such as a Christening or first birthday and passed from generation to generation as an important family heirloom.

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