6 effective strategies for staff retention

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Hiring and training new employees is a costly and time-consuming process, which is why many businesses are committed to maintaining high rates of staff retention. If retaining good employees is an important part of your business strategy you might be looking for new ways to keep staff engaged and make them feel valued. These six staff retention strategies can help.

1. Engage your employees

Employees who are engaged and enthusiastic about their work are less likely to look for more exciting opportunities elsewhere. Plus, they’re more likely to be productive, motivated and passionate about contributing to your business goals. There are lots of ways to improve employee engagement, but a big one is being open and honest with staff about important information related to your business.

Staff should be aware of your overall business strategy, your short and long-term goals, and how the business as a whole is performing. You should then make it clear to each team or employee how they fit into your operation and why they are important to you.

A great way to engage employees is to ask them for their input on how your business should operate. Knowing that their ideas are valued or their feedback is taken seriously can make them feel engaged in your business’s success far beyond their own role.

2. Support professional and personal development

Many people strive to keep learning and developing their professional skills in order to further their career, but if their ability to advance is limited in their current workplace, they may be tempted to jump ship. By offering training, mentoring and qualifications you give staff a reason to stay and reap the benefits of having a more skilled workforce.

You could offer employees the opportunity to complete a personal development course of their choosing, or choose courses for them based on their role or the areas in which you feel they would thrive.

Offering flexible working solutions is another way to support employees’ professional development if you’re unable to offer training opportunities directly. For example, you could allow staff to temporarily reduce their hours or work different shift patterns to accommodate their training schedule.

3. Recognise achievements

Hard work is worth it when it is recognised, but if it goes unacknowledged employees can feel undervalued and wonder why they should bother going the extra mile. By recognising your staff’s achievements you can make it clear that you pay attention to their hard work and are grateful for it.

You can recognise and celebrate staff achievements in a variety of ways. Sometimes a heartfelt “thank you” or “well done” is enough. You could announce achievements and successes in team or company meetings. You could even give physical gifts like awards, trophies or medals.

It doesn’t have to be just professional achievements that you recognise either. If you’ve heard about a member of staff who has achieved something important in their personal life, such as running a marathon, raising a large sum of money for charity, or completing a qualification, you can recognise their good work and demonstrate that you care about their life outside of work.

4. Celebrate important milestones

You can show employees that they are valued by acknowledging and celebrating important milestones in their lives such as birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, and the arrival of new babies. Gifts could be presented in staff meetings or sent to their homes, but many employees may appreciate being personally handed a gift by their manager or boss.

When it comes to corporate gifting it’s important to avoid playing favourites and giving higher value or more desirable gifts to certain members of staff. It can be helpful to choose one type of gift for each occasion and stick with it. For example, you could give each employee a coffee gift card on their birthday, or a box of chocolates to celebrate each year of employment at your business.

You might choose to give more extravagant or meaningful gifts for bigger milestones. For example, when a member of staff gets married you could ask for their gift registry. You could also give an employee a baby bouquet or baby gift box on their last day before taking maternity or paternity leave.

5. Plan team building events

Having good relationships with colleagues is important for a happy work life, so it’s important that you nurture employee connections to improve staff retention. You don’t necessarily need your employees to be close personal friends, but it’s essential that they trust and value one another and can communicate effectively.

Team building events are a great way to bring your employees closer together and develop their ability to communicate and cooperate. They can also help employees to develop on an individual level and work on their leadership skills.

Not only do team building events improve working relationships, but they can also demonstrate your commitment to creating a positive work environment. When employees see that you’re willing to invest in them as a team, they may feel more valued and appreciated.

6. Invest in company-wide training

Sometimes businesses need a major shift in culture to improve job satisfaction and staff retention. In these cases it pays to invest in company-wide professional skills training to help staff at all levels to develop their professional skills.

Professional skills training encompasses a wide variety of different topics and goals. It can allow employees to learn new habits that will help them to become more productive and effective. It can help directors or business owners to create a more inclusive culture and welcoming work environment. It might also involve the development of leadership skills to help managers to work more effectively with their teams.

Although corporate training can be a major investment, it’s worthwhile if it sets your business up to thrive in future. A happy, valued and professionally empowered workforce is sure to help you take your business from strength to strength.

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