Things to consider when buying washing detergent for new baby clothes

Buying washing detergent for new baby clothese on a washing line

A new baby has sensitive skin which is susceptible to irritation when exposed to harsh cleaning agents. Before you wash newborn baby clothes for the first time it’s important to choose a washing detergent that is gentle enough for delicate skin. We have a few pointers to help you in buying washing detergent for new baby clothes

Use non-bio washing detergent

Non-bio means the detergent does not contain biological enzymes which can leave deposits on fabrics and can cause irritation to the skin. Non-bio detergents do not contain as harsh chemicals as bio alternatives, but they can wash just as effectively.

Avoid fragrances

Chemical fragrances can be irritating to the sensitive skin of a new baby, so it is best to choose fragrance-free detergents to wash newborn baby clothes. If you want to achieve that fresh laundry smell, you can spritz natural essential oils around your baby’s room so that fragrances don’t come into direct contact with baby’s skin.

Choose liquid detergents

Liquid detergents dissolve more easily in the washing machine than powder varieties. This means they’re less likely to leave a residue on clothes which could then transfer to baby’s skin.

Consider eco-friendly detergents

Eco-friendly washing detergents often use natural, plant-based ingredients which are usually much gentler and less likely to cause irritation than the chemicals used in mainstream detergents. You might find these to be safer for your newborn’s delicate skin.

Patch test before doing a full load

Before you use a new washing detergent on a full load of your baby’s clothes, try it with just one item. If you notice that your baby’s skin becomes irritated after wearing this item, you can know for sure it’s the new detergent that’s to blame. Then, you can simply change baby into a different garment without worrying if other items of clothing are affected.

Top 5 washing detergents for baby clothing

It can be a little overwhelming trying to find a washing detergent that you know will be safe to wash newborn baby clothes. We’ve compiled a list of five gentle detergents to help you get started.

Persil Non Bio 3 in 1 Washing Capsules

Big brand washing detergents often contain harsh chemicals, but these non-bio capsules from Persil are dermatologically tested and gentle enough for sensitive skin. Plant-based stain removers are used to protect the environment and your baby’s skin.

Attitude Little Ones Fragrance Free Baby Laundry Detergent

This gentle detergent from Attitude is formulated without harmful preservatives and foaming agents which often cause irritation for sensitive skin. It is ultra-gentle, free from fragrance, and contains green tea extract which is known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Nimble Laundry Lover Baby Non-Bio Liquid Detergent

Free from enzymes, dyes, optical brighteners and allergens, this detergent from Nimble is formulated specifically for babies. It contains just 13 ingredients which means it’s unlikely to cause irritation, but it still does a brilliant job of removing stubborn stains.

Ecover Zero Non Bio Sensitive Laundry Detergent

This fragrance-free and enzyme-free washing detergent from Ecover has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation as a testament to its gentleness for sensitive skin. It is made from biodegradable, plant-based ingredients, and for extra eco-friendly points, it is supplied in a recycled plastic bottle and produced in a zero-waste factory.

Milton Laundry Liquid

Tough on stains and gentle on skin, Milton Laundry Liquid is a brilliant way to wash newborn baby clothes. It contains natural chamomile extract which can help to soothe the skin, and it works well for both whites and colours. It has been dermatologically tested to ensure it is suitable for delicate skin.

What else can I do to protect my baby’s sensitive skin?

Delicate new baby skin can easily become irritated when exposed to harsh or rough fabrics. Find out about the benefits of 100% cotton clothing for babies in our recent blog post.