What are the benefits of 100% cotton clothing for babies?

Photo of natural cotton

Cotton is one of the most common materials used to produce baby clothing, but what is it that makes it so popular? What are the benefits of cotton for babies, and why do we use 100% cotton clothing items in our baby gift sets? Let’s take a look at all of the wonderful features of cotton that make it so popular.

Cotton is natural, gentle and hypoallergenic

The skin of babies is significantly more sensitive than adult skin. It’s more susceptible to allergic reaction and irritation when exposed to harsh chemicals, allergens or rough surfaces. Cotton is a natural fibre that does not contain any chemicals that might cause irritation. It’s also hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t pose a risk of allergic reaction, unlike some man-made fabrics. Plus, it feels soft against the skin and is unlikely to rub and cause soreness.

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100% cotton clothes are easy to clean

Unlike many other types of fibres, cotton is incredibly easy to wash without the risk of it becoming deformed or discoloured. It can be thrown into the washing machine at 30ºC to 40ºC, which is hot enough for the clothes to be thoroughly sterilised. Plus, it doesn’t generate fluff or fuzz or break down when washed many times. Given that little ones get grubby very easily what with dribbles, vomit, milk spills, and nappy leaks to contend with, it’s important that baby clothing will sustain frequent washing.

Cotton is absorbent, breathable and insulating

A brilliant benefit of cotton is that it is both absorbent and breathable. It can wick moisture away from baby’s skin to prevent chafing when they sweat. Plus, since air can circulate through cotton fibres easily, any dampness absorbed by the cotton will quickly dry off. There’s no risk of fungus forming on 100% cotton baby clothing because of cotton’s breathable nature. On top of this, cotton is a great insulator against the cold, so in winter it will help to keep baby warm, and in summer its breathable nature will help baby stay cool.

Cotton is great for the environment

100% cotton baby clothing is kinder for the environment than many man-made materials because it doesn’t contain any toxic byproducts which could cause pollution during the manufacturing process. It’s also incredibly durable, which means cotton baby clothing can last for years when passed down to new babies. Plus, as natural fibre cotton is completely biodegradable, when a cotton bodysuit does finally reach the end of its life and is discarded, it won’t do any harm to the environment.

Cotton offers timeless style for baby clothing

The gentleness, comfort and durability of cotton have made it a popular choice of material for baby clothing for centuries, and this has made it a classic and timeless option. Although appearance matters little compared to baby’s comfort, many parents also want their little ones to look good. Bodysuits, sleepsuits, bibs and hats all look incredibly stylish in simple and elegant 100% cotton.

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