Baby Gifts – Make your own vs buying readymade?

Baby Gifts - Make your own vs buying readymade? Photo of Wrapped Baby Gifts

It can be difficult, especially at the birth of a new baby, to know exactly what you should gift and how you should gift it. The question that often comes to mind – Baby Gifts – Make your own vs buying readymade? Do you give items for the mother, baby, or both? Whilst there are many options available on the internet it can often be hard to decide what you should do. 

Making my own

For some, the thought of buying a readymade baby gift just doesn’t seem right. For such a special occasion, we like to show our care and love and what better way to do it than by putting some effort in a truly unique gift that you’re not going to find again. Not only can you choose what you put in the gift, but you can also tailor the items to the individual being gifted – you know better than anyone what they are needing and which items they are likely to appreciate most. It’s also a chance to show off a bit of yourself – maybe that creative flair you always knew you had.

Custom gifts are different for everyone. While some like the traditional box in wrapping paper idea, others may prefer a little more flair or creative licence. Whatever the choice, you can create something that you are happy with.

Another reason to create a custom gift with your own hands is that you can actually deliver the gift personally adding that extra touch. There’s nothing like physically receiving a gift from a friend!

However, as with everything, there are a couple of reasons why people steer clear of making their own gifts.

They can be time consuming. Creating your own gift means spending time looking, and shopping, for items to include in the gift, as well as packaging to wrap it all up in. Some love this, but for a large majority of people it’s more hassle than they’re prepared to take.

Delivery – you’ll have to deliver the gift, either personally, or with a courier. This is an additional cost and is commonly more expensive than the carriage charge you’ll get on an online purchase (usually between £5-10). This also means you’ll be responsible for tracking and making sure the recipient has received the gift.

Buying a readymade gift:

There are plenty of options available, especially online these days, that will meet the requirements of most people when they’re looking to purchase a gift. Whether you’re looking for boxed gifts, individual gifts, or something with a little more character, we are spoilt for choice with the options that are available. If you want something blue or pink, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to select that option for pretty much any gift you can find on the internet.
First and foremost, purchasing a readymade gift is the easiest, simplest option, if you’re looking to send a gift to someone. With the click of a few buttons, you’ll usually be able to select your preferences, input a delivery address, add a custom message for the recipient, and complete your purchase. That’s why many people prefer purchasing gifts over making their own.
A lot of thought goes into creating gifts, and when you purchase a readymade gift, you know this has already been done for you. Many providers will offer a host of different options based on the gifting event, the person being gifted, and current trends all tailored to create that special moment when the gift arrives.

As with homemade gifts, readymade gifts also have some drawbacks.

To some, a readymade gift just isn’t personal enough. They’re quicker to organise, but they can sometimes leave the recipient with items they don’t need and can give the sense that you didn’t have the time to do anything better. This really is a personal thing – some people won’t even think about the origin of the gift – and some will just appreciate the fact that you took the time to search the internet for something that suited them.

You don’t have control. From the point that you complete your purchase, you are relying on your supplier to get the gift to the recipient in a timely manner, and in a good condition. Whilst it’s not common to have delivery issues, it can happen. If you’ve made your own gift, and hand deliver personally, you’ll have control all the way to the front door of the recipient.

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