Why it is so important to engage with your staff in 2023

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment employees have to an organisation and its objectives. When employees are engaged, they are passionate about what they do and take on active involvement in meeting company goals.

If you are thinking about investing in employee engagement in 2023, here are just six reasons why you should:

1. Makes for a happier home life

Engaged employees have a better work-life balance, leading to more positive family interactions. This is because engaged employees usually come from organisations that understand the negative effects of a high-stress environment which leads to their work life spilling over into their personal lives. Rather than going home burnt out and feeling down, employees have more energy to spend time and dedication on their families and friends.

2. Leads to long-term staff retention

Motivated and engaged employees are likely to stay at an organisation for longer – thereby leading to excellent retention rates. Their positive experiences at the company prevent them from looking for jobs elsewhere or taking offers from competitor companies. Greater retention leads to an accumulation of knowledge and expertise among employees which has a positive impact on business output.

3. Builds morale

Good staff engagement positively correlates with high morale in an organisation. High morale shows that employees are focused and take an active interest in the company’s vision. Some ways to boost morale among employees include:

  • Ask employees’ opinions and listen to others
  • Give positive feedback
  • Offer rewards and recognition for good work
  • Offer training and professional development opportunities
  • Provide relevant information and feedback

4. Increases customer satisfaction

Creating positive customer experiences and making customers feel welcome are essential when wanting to boost sales and profitability. It’s important to remember that employees serve as the public face of the brand and can directly impact customer behaviours. Engaged employees take on a more positive attitude when dealing with customers – thereby increasing satisfaction.

Happy employees are likely to put more effort into promoting cross-sales and up-sales. They also make the customer feel valued through positive interaction. Good customer success management generates higher returns for the business while also increasing customer retention rates.

5. Enhances company culture

Company culture refers to the shared goals, values, attitudes, and practices of an organisation. Engaged employees are more likely to band together and share in the company culture. They apply themselves to their work to support their fellow employees towards a common aim and are motivated by collective success. When employees share in the company culture, they have something to work towards – thereby increasing their productivity and commitment. A positive culture also leads to greater information sharing and makes employees more responsive to internal feedback and advice.

6. Increases profitability

Engaged employees create the foundation of an organisation’s success. This is because they put more effort into their job which leads to greater productivity. They are less likely to sacrifice quality, but instead, offer up valuable suggestions that build on those of their peers and help further company success. Employees know that their work is valued and appreciated, and so they take pride in doing their best to sustain business growth – not just for the business but for themselves too.

Increasing employee engagement should be top on the agenda for businesses looking to increase growth and profitability in 2023.

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