Baby Bouquets are Exhibiting at Employee Benefits Live 2023 – Excel London

Baby Bouquets are Exhibiting at Employee Benefits Live 2023 - Excel London

Employee Benefits Live 2023

Employee benefits have always been a significant part of any organisation’s reward strategy. They are not just about pensions, health insurance, or bonuses anymore because the modern employee seeks a more comprehensive package that caters to their personal needs and lifestyle choices. One such innovative benefit that is gaining popularity in recent years is the concept of maternity/paternity gifting. This year, Baby Bouquets are exhibiting at the highly anticipated Employee Benefits Live 2023 event at Excel London.

As companies strive to offer more comprehensive and personalised employee benefits, innovative companies like Baby Bouquets are leading the way. Our bouquets not only cater to the practical needs of employees but also create an emotional bond that fosters loyalty and commitment.

The upcoming Employee Benefits Live 2023 event at Excel London promises to be an exciting platform for HR professionals looking for innovative ways to enhance their reward strategy. Visit us on stand G22 to find out more about valuable insights into how such unique benefits can be incorporated into your organisation’s employee benefits program.

Who are Baby Bouquets?

Baby Bouquets create unique, handcrafted arrangements made up of baby clothes and other essential items for newborns. These bouquets are designed to look like flower arrangements but instead of flowers, they consist of baby items like bibs, socks, hats, onesies, and more. They make for an excellent gift for expectant parents during maternity or paternity leave.

Innovative Employee Benefits

Incorporating maternity/paternity gifting into your company’s reward strategy can be an excellent way to show your employees that you care about their personal milestones. When an employee goes on maternity or paternity leave, gifting them a baby bouquet can be a thoughtful gesture that demonstrates your support during this significant life change.

Moreover, it also sends out a positive message to all employees about the company’s inclusive culture and its commitment towards employee well-being. It can boost morale and foster loyalty among employees which in turn can lead to increased productivity and retention rates.

Exhibiting At Employee Benefits Live 2023

The Employee Benefits Live event is Europe’s largest dedicated reward and benefits event for the HR and reward industry. This year, it will take place at Excel London where over 100 exhibitors will showcase their innovative solutions aimed at enhancing employee engagement and wellbeing.

Baby Bouquets are exhibiting and we will showcase our range of beautifully handcrafted baby bouquets and demonstrate how they can be incorporated into an organisation’s employee benefits program. This is a great opportunity for HR professionals to explore this unique benefit and consider it as part of their reward strategy.

Why Baby Bouquets Make for a Great Employee Benefit

1. Personalised Approach: Baby Bouquets offer a personalised approach to employee benefits. Each bouquet can be customised according to the preferences of the expecting parents, making it a truly unique gift.

2. Practicality: Unlike traditional flower bouquets, our bouquets are practical gifts that expectant parents will find useful. Each item in the bouquet is carefully selected to cater to the needs of a newborn.

3. Emotional Connection: Gifting a baby bouquet creates an emotional connection between the employer and employee. It shows that the company values its employees’ personal milestones and is willing to go the extra mile to make them feel special.

4. Enhances Employer Brand: Offering such innovative benefits can greatly enhance your employer brand, making your company more attractive to potential employees.

So, if you’re looking for ways to enrich your company’s reward strategy or simply want to explore what’s new in the world of employee benefits, don’t miss out on this event and register your attendance now!