Corporate Maternity Gifts – The Benefits For Your Business

Photo of a baby bouquet or gift box for corporate gifting

Corporate gifting can be a valuable way for businesses to show their appreciation for their employees and customers. Corporate maternity gifts are a brilliant way to send congratulations after the arrival of a new baby. Let’s take a look at the benefits of corporate maternity gifts for your business.

Show employees their value

Many businesses give corporate gifts to employees either when they take maternity or paternity leave, or after hearing that the spouse or partner of an employee has given birth. Presenting maternity gifts to employees demonstrates that you care about their lives outside of work and value their need for time away to focus on their family. The right maternity gift, such as one with pampering products for mum as well as useful items for baby, sends a thoughtful message that you hope mum-to-be takes care of herself and finds time to relax and recuperate once the little one arrives.

Improve staff retention rates

A high turnover of staff is bad for profits because it takes time and money to recruit and train new employees. It’s important to make employees feel appreciated and valued to encourage them to remain loyal to your organisation. Corporate gifting is one such way of demonstrating your appreciation for staff, and investing in such gifts could help your business to save money in the long term. When employees see you going above and beyond to lend your support, such as giving gifts to those who have babies, they’re reminded that their hard work is acknowledged and rewarded and may feel greater job satisfaction.

Demonstrate your appreciation for clients

Sometimes businesses have corporate gifting policies for customers and clients, and maternity gifts are a great choice. If an important and valued client is set to welcome a new baby, a maternity gift demonstrates that you’ve paid attention to the information they’ve shared about their personal lives. If the arrival of their new baby means they won’t be working with you for a while, a maternity gift is a great way to say a temporary goodbye and remind them that you’ll be looking forward to catching up with them in future.

Tailor corporate gifts to your business

Our corporate gifting solutions allow us to tailor gifts to individual businesses. Our range of baby bouquets and gift boxes contain a wide variety of items including baby clothes, muslins, bibs, accessories, teddy bears, and bath and skincare products. You can customise the assortment of items to suit your specific needs, as well as the overall look and finish of the gift. Plus, we can incorporate your business branding to ensure your gift is memorable. We only use the highest quality products, including 100% cotton baby clothes made here in England, to ensure our gifts have a luxurious finish.

Contact us to discuss your corporate maternity gifts

Here at Baby Bouquets, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and we work closely with businesses to get their corporate gifts just right. If you’re interested in our baby gifts be sure to get in touch to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make your vision a reality. Find out more now.