Take a look inside ‘The Ultimate’ bouquet

Ultimate bouquet - newborn baby gifts - bouquet of baby clothes rolled to resemble flowers

Ultimate bouquet – newborn baby gifts

Ultimate bouquet – newborn baby gifts – take a look inside. We thought we would share with you what goes in to our Ultimate Baby Bouquet in Blue. It is a great way to spoil a special new mum and baby because it is a truly memorable and unique gift. There is a sumptuous and generous amount of baby clothes each one individually rolled to resemble a bloom, a luxury blanket, and a gorgeous soft traditional teddy bear, all beautifully arranged in a versatile wicker shopping basket with folding handles, pretty silk flowers and leaves.

The Ultimate bouquet – newborn baby gifts comes in different colours and sizes – see more

Each of our baby clothes bouquets are handmade to order. Every item of clothing is carefully and individually rolled to resemble a bloom, meaning each bouquet is slightly unique. We arrange the baby clothes blooms along with silk flowers and foliage, in a reusable basket, which creates a beautiful and practical gift for a new mum or mum-to-be and each bouquet includes a stylish gift card for you to send your personal message of congratulations to the proud new parents.

 The products that we use are in our baby gifts are all carefully selected and we particularly take pride that our baby clothes are ‘Made in England’. Made from 100% fine combed cotton we offer a variety of colours for you to choose from in both 0-3 and 3-6 months sizes. Welcome to Baby Bouquets – Offical Baby Bouquets Store For Baby GIfts

Pampering Baby Clothes Bouquets

Our exclusive pampering baby clothes bouquets combine beautiful baby clothes and silk flowers with luxury bath and body products nestled within the bouquet. Our pampering bouquets combine a practical gift with a luxurious surprise and the gorgeous pampering treats that we use are handcrafted in England too!

Nappy Cakes and Boxed Gifts

In addition we offer a range of quality nappy cakes and boxed gifts each incorporating the Baby-Bouquets ‘rolled like flowers’ design.

Bespoke Branded Corporate Baby Gifts

Here at Baby Bouquets – Offical Baby Bouquets Store For Baby GIfts, we work with businesses to help them build their own unique branded baby gifts to support their corporate gifting efforts. We can tailor a unique bouquet or gift box to suit your preferences and budget, and we can include your corporate branding. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and work closely with our corporate clients to build the optimum gift or collection of gifts.

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