Ultimate Plus Pampering Neutral


Ultimate Plus Pampering Neutral is the perfect gift because there is nestled inside this beautiful bouquet of baby clothes 7 luxury hand crafted bath and body treats for the new mum. And there is a sumptuous and generous selection of baby clothes each one individually rolled to resemble a bloom, a luxury baby blanket and a gorgeous traditional 18cm soft teddy bear, all carefully arranged in a versatile wicker shopping basket, with folding handles, pretty silk flowers and leaves. As you would apprceiate this is a truly memorable and bespoke gift.

Bouquet Contents

• 1 Pretty Little Bath Treat
• 1 Pretty Little Strawberry Lip Balm
• 1 Pretty Little Honey Pot Lip Balm
• 1 Pretty Little Hand Cream
• 1 Pretty Little Lavender Butter
• 1 Pretty Little Soap Fancy
• 1 Pretty Little Bath Concoction (Bubble Bath)
• 1 Soft teddy bear, style may vary
• 4 Short-sleeved bodysuits
• 2 Long Sleeved Sleepsuits
• 2 Bibs
• 2 Hats
• 2 Muslin Squares
• 1 Soft baby blanket
• 2 Disposable nappies
• 5 Pairs of socks
• 1 Pair of Pyjamas
• 1 Pair Booties
• Silk flowers and leaves
• Baby Bouquets gift card for your personal message

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