Our Top Picks for Gender Neutral Baby Bouquets

Grey baby clothes in a gift box with magnetic lid

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower or a new arrival? A Baby Bouquet is a delightful and practical present that any new parent will appreciate. With their combination of adorable baby items and elegant presentation, they’re sure to bring joy to the whole family. At Baby-Bouquets, we specialise in creating beautiful and unique baby bouquets suitable for any occasion. In this blog post, we’ll showcase some of our top picks for gender-neutral baby bouquets that are perfect for welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world.

1. Grey Muslins Gift Box

The Grey Muslins Gift Box is a stylish and practical choice for any new parent. Made from soft and breathable muslin fabric, these grey muslins are versatile and can be used for swaddling, burping, nursing, and more. This bouquet also includes a stylish dummy chain, making it a perfect combination of comfort and cuteness.


2. Supreme Teddy Bouquet (Neutral)

For those looking to make a statement, the Supreme Teddy Bouquet is the ultimate choice. This luxurious bouquet features a large plush teddy bear surrounded by an array of baby items, including clothing and a blanket. It’s a truly extravagant gift that will wow any recipient.


3. Harlech Baby Bouquet

The Harlech Baby Bouquet is another of our gender-neutral arrangements featuring a selection of baby essentials beautifully presented in a white presentation box. With items such as socks, booties, and bodysuits, this bouquet is both practical and charming. Whether you’re welcoming a baby girl, a baby boy, or a surprise, the Harlech Baby Bouquet is sure to impress.


4. Baby Teddy Bouquet (Neutral)

The Baby Teddy Bouquet is a classic choice that never goes out of style. This gender-neutral bouquet features a plush teddy bear surrounded by baby essentials like socks and bodysuits. It’s a sweet and practical gift that will be treasured long after the flowers have been unrolled.

5. Tavistock Baby Bouquet

For a touch of elegance, consider the Tavistock Baby Bouquet. This stunning arrangement includes a mix of baby clothing and accessories carefully arranged to resemble a bouquet of flowers. With its neutral color palette and high-quality items, the Tavistock Baby Bouquet is an ideal gift for any new parent.

6. Ultimate Bouquet (Neutral)

As the name suggests, the Ultimate Bouquet is the epitome of luxury and style. This extravagant arrangement includes a generous assortment of baby essentials presented in a stunning bouquet design. From clothing to accessories, this bouquet has everything a new parent could need.


No matter which bouquet you choose, you can rest assured that it will be expertly crafted with love and care. Our gender-neutral baby bouquets are perfect for celebrating the arrival of a precious little one, whether it’s a boy, a girl, or a surprise. Shop our full collection today and find the perfect gift for the new addition to your family or friends’ circle!